Infographic On The Chances A Startup Will Fail Or Succeed

Infographic failure rates for startups

This infographic combines the factors that contribute to a startup’s success with the chances that your startup will fail. Research on projections for the best sectors to start your new business is also included.

This can help you plan your business, and also prepare you for the possibility of failure. You should obviously expect to be successful, but be aware that not every entrepreneur gets it right first time, and they make adjustments along the way. A failure is simply a setback, and a sign for you to adapt to what your market needs.

Watch Richard St. John’s video “Success is a continuous journey” to see how to spot the signs, and also learn that failure is never permanent.

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What Style of Entrepreneur Are You?

This infographic shares the different styles of entrepreneurs who start up their own businesses. It includes someone who acts as a successful inspiration for each one.

It shows it’s possible for everyone to create your own business, in your own unique style. Please take encouragement, and join the 10.3% who are over 55 – it really is never too late to start something new, and find what you truly love to do.

what is your start up style infographic

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