How to Switch Off When Your Business is Online

woman frustrated in front of computer

Technology keeps developing to ensure we’re connected online all day, and every day, making it very difficult to escape, and take time off. Paul Miller, senior editor at The Verge, lived without the web for an whole year after he was burned out at the age of 26.

Paul was very strict, and wouldn’t even look at a friend’s smartphone. He read more, wrote faster, lost weight, sought out in-person interactions and “really experienced life.” Although he felt cut off from the constant contact he was previously used to, he found he slowed down, and focused on one task at a time.

At the end of the year, Paul reported: “The way your brain is when you’re using the Internet is way different. At first, having multiple browser tabs open was super stressful for me. It was overwhelming and there was information overload,” Miller said. “It didn’t feel comfortable. It probably took a month to get used to using a browser again and a long time to get used to tweeting on my phone again. Having a phone on me that I was ready to pull out in social situations was weird to get used to again.”

You’ll enjoy reading more about how he benefited from his time away from internet connections – read the article below. It will make you more aware of your own use of technology, and I hope it makes you consider how you can switch off regularly, and enjoy activities that you don’t have time for now.