It’s Never Too Late To Build What Makes You Happy!


How would you like to be able to say: “It has been a good year and we have exceeded expectations. After all, I am really happy and isn’t that the point?!” – That quote is from Ann Moore.

When Ann retired from her successful position as Chairman and CEO of Time Inc., after enjoying a break, she came across an idea when she noticed her son, and his friends, didn’t own any art. This is her passion, and through wanting to share her knowledge, Ann started up The Curator Gallery It has guest curators put together shows of great art at a great price, to introduce current artists to a wider audience.

It’s never too late. I loved Time Inc. because I was working with extremely creative people. Now I am doing the exact same in a different setting and as an entrepreneur.

The freedom of entrepreneurship is that you can do what you want to do and play it by ear.

– Ann Moore

Even after you’ve retired, you can still find a way to develop what you really enjoy, and turn your passion into a niche business that brings you pleasure every day. Make up your own rules – but make passion part of your life.

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