How to Make Money With a Blog At Any Age

cooking with fresh vegetables

With every piece of information already available online, some might think it’s too hard to start your own blog. J.L. Fields didn’t let anything deter her, and decided she wanted to make a living from her new found passion after she became a vegan.

She approached her blog from her own personal experiences of gradually becoming more healthy, and felt at the age of 45 she would be sharing a new perspective. You have to find your own voice, and your unique angle, and when you post consistently you will attract those who have the same interests.

J.L. Fields shares on this interview with the How to Quit Working Show how she created her blog as a platform for coaching and writing books, to live the lifestyle she wanted:


I’ve just read this useful guide to building a profitable blog, and it describes all the steps clearly and simply. This is an exact blueprint from choosing the right niche through to marketing: