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As an entrepreneur you have to learn many new skills to set up, and develop, your business.
This Kindle collection of 234 inspirational quotes quotes by famous people will lift you when you meet challenges and frustrations,
and motivate you to reach your goals. Ease your stress as these famous quotes guide you to success.


Motivational Quotes Kindle Book



Each of the 26 subjects has 3 choices to link to – Candle, Fireplace or Bonfire.

This makes the book flexible and interactive, because you can   decide what mood you are in when you select a subject.

  •   Candle – The peaceful glow of candlelight provides inspiration.
  •   Fireplace – The sparks of the fire light up your ambition.
  •   Bonfire – The heat of roaring flames will activate your success.





“Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.” – Golda Meir

  • The authors of these motivational quotes are highly respected experts
  • Receive the benefits of their quotes of wisdom spanning thousands of years
  • Quotes on success from Herodotus (484 – 409 BC) to Richard Branson

These motivational quotes have been selected specifically to keep you on the path to success – to inspire you to reap the rewards for your commitment.
It’s like having a mentor by your side – you can learn from their experiences of failure, and be motivated to focus on your goals again.

“Motivational Quotes For Entrepreneurs” makes a unique gift for anyone starting a new business, or for someone on a business course, to inspire them to succeed.






“Everyone needs some encouragement from time to time, especially when developing a new project, and this very thorough book is brimful of motivational quotes that will provide you with that boost you need when you find yourself struggling. Very well organized and presented, I will be referring to this book often.”
– Amazon, US.
Motivational Quotes For Entrepreneurs

“Even though I am a fairly positive person, I get days where I feel completely blah and can’t seem to achieve much at all. These quotes are just what I need to get off the couch and either start exercising or start working. An excellent collection of quotes that are subdivided into 3 different sections according to what mood you’re in.

There’s a lot of quotes in this book, some from celebrities, others from people I have not heard of. I find them inspiring, you will too.”
– Amazon, US.


“This is exactly what I was looking for! Quotes about aim, adversity, change, commitment, courage, creativity, goals, focus, risk, problems, talent, and my favorite, SUCCESS!

The quotes are broken up into 3 sections each – candle, fireplace, and BONFIRE! The candle quotes are little quotes you may have heard before. Fireplace quotes are the ones that hit you a little harder, and the BONFIRE quotes are the ones that made me think.

These motivational quotes in this book “Inspire your way to success” will be visited frequently by me, maybe every day! Well worth every penny!!”
– Amazon, US.


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