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Here are this week’s free Amazon Kindle Books for entrepreneurs and small businesses, which provide valuable information that will improve and inspire what you do. Each one has the potential to increase your levels of success.

Enjoy learning from these free Kindle books for entrepreneurs while they’re on promotion – remember they might only be free for one day, as there’s a maximum of 5 days that can be made free every 90 days.

Books are the easiest way to access information, and there’s a link below to download free apps from Amazon, enabling you to read Kindle eBooks anywhere.


SEO Copywriting Flow: Creating a Steady Stream of Rankings & Conversions by Karon Thackston

Search engines, dominated by Google, want useful information to return that matches the keywords. This concise book shows you how to accomplish this as you write interesting copy, which also encourages sales.


How To Start A Side-Business This Weekend With Little To No Money! by Alex Broches

This author gives you 19 ways you can start up a small business without having to spend a lot of time to set it up. Often, excuses come through the fear of starting something new, and trying one of these options can break those blocks. Also, they’re an easy way to earn extra money while your main business is becoming established. Or they could provide the answer to keep you enjoying your retirement.


The Mindset Shift: Stop the Corporate Rat Race, Make a Difference and Achieve Personal Freedom! by Bradley Thomas Finkeldei

The author felt so limited by the lifestyle he was living, with a successful job, that he left it all behind in order to go for it and create the life he really wanted – freedom! This book shows you how to change your mindset to prepare for becoming an entrepreneur, with a lifestyle you choose.


As an entrepreneur you need motivation to help you keep focused on your goals, and my Kindle eBook “Motivational Quotes For Entrepreneurs: Inspire Your Way To Success” is a unique, interactive answer. There are 234 specially selected quotes to suit your situation – and your mood – with 3 different categories to choose from for each subject.

“As anyone who is an entrepreneur knows, it is a tough journey and sometimes it can be downright HARD to stay motivated, especially if you’re not seeing the success you’re hoping for. This book is filled with TONS of great motivational quotes to keep me inspired and focused to achieve my dreams as an entrepreneur!” – Katrina Abiasi, Amazon, US.


Motivational Quotes Kindle Book


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