Free Books Friday For Entrepreneurs

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Here are this week’s free Amazon Kindle Books for entrepreneurs and small businesses, which provide valuable information that will improve and inspire what you do. Each one has the potential to increase your levels of success.

Enjoy learning from these free Kindle books for entrepreneurs while they’re on promotion – remember they might only be free for one day, as there’s a maximum of 5 days that can be made free every 90 days.

Books are the easiest way to access information, and there’s a link below to download free apps from Amazon, enabling you to read Kindle eBooks anywhere.


Online Business Mindset: Confidence Building and Personal Development For Internet Marketers by Argena Olivis

The author is a smart young woman who learned to spend time wisely, instead of wasting it searching for free options, she found investing in herself was the way she became successful.

When you focus on your own mindset first, you’re able to motivate yourself to keep going through all the setbacks you will encounter. This is essential work, which will always pay dividends – no matter what direction you take.


Transform Your Life with One Powerful Question by Jennifer April

This book explains in-depth why this one question works from a neuroscience and psychology perspective. The author sharea interesting scientific experiments, and inspiring stories of its applications by sports champions and business leaders.


TIME MANAGEMENT: ALPHA PRODUCTIVITY: The Alpha Male’s Guide to Time Management by Sean Lysaght

Following on from building the right foundation through your mindset, this book will show you how to achieve maximum productivity through organizational skills. Time is your most valuable asset – this direct author will help you to utilize it to your best advantage.


As an entrepreneur you need motivation to help you keep focused on your goals, and my Kindle eBook “Motivational Quotes For Entrepreneurs: Inspire Your Way To Success” is a unique, interactive answer. There are 234 specially selected quotes to suit your situation – and your mood – with 3 different categories to choose from for each subject.

“As anyone who is an entrepreneur knows, it is a tough journey and sometimes it can be downright HARD to stay motivated, especially if you’re not seeing the success you’re hoping for. This book is filled with TONS of great motivational quotes to keep me inspired and focused to achieve my dreams as an entrepreneur!” – Katrina Abiasi, Amazon, US.


Motivational Quotes Kindle Book


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