Free Book Friday For Entrepreneurs


Here are this week’s free Amazon Kindle Books for entrepreneurs and small businesses, which provide valuable information that will improve and inspire what you do.

Enjoy learning from these free Kindle books for entrepreneurs while they’re on promotion – remember they might only be free for one day, as there’s a maximum of 5 days that can be made free every 90 days.

Books are the easiest way to access information, and there’s a link below to download free apps from Amazon, so you can read Kindle eBooks anywhere.

Nurture: The Team Development Manual For First-Time Line Managers by John James Newton

The author is an experienced manager and coach, and he supplies real-life examples of how to manage people who work for you. When you first employ someone it isn’t easy to get the balance right between being friendly, and being their boss, and these tips will help you develop management skills. Building the right team is essential for a profitable business, and this book will help you to create it.


This Is It: It’s Never Too Late, But Never Too Early To Build Your Dreams by Cody Barton

This book shows age is no barrier to success, and you’re neither too old, nor too young, to be an entrepreneur. Cody shares his story of how he went from working in McDonald’s to achieving his dreams. He provides a blueprint for you to benefit from all the learning sources he experienced on his way.


Fishing for Success – Seven Steps to Success in Business Learned From Fishing by C.F. Goldblatt

This book gives you 7 simple steps to building a successful business. These are how the author established his multinational dietary supplement company, pioneered the sustainable seafood movement, and thrived during tough economic times. You will enjoy learning how the experiences of deep sea fishing revealed the secrets for success.


As an entrepreneur you need motivation to help you keep focused on your goals, and my Kindle eBook “Motivational Quotes For Entrepreneurs: Inspire Your Way To Success” is a unique, interactive answer. There are 234 specially selected quotes to suit your situation – and your mood – with 3 different categories to choose from for each subject.

“As anyone who is an entrepreneur knows, it is a tough journey and sometimes it can be downright HARD to stay motivated, especially if you’re not seeing the success you’re hoping for. This book is filled with TONS of great motivational quotes to keep me inspired and focused to achieve my dreams as an entrepreneur!” – Katrina Abiasi, Amazon, US.



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