Free Book Friday For Entrepreneurs


Here are this week’s free Amazon Kindle Books for entrepreneurs and small businesses, which provide valuable information that will improve and inspire what you do.

The authors of these books share their expertise to help you start up and grow your business, to make a big difference to your success.

Enjoy learning from these free Kindle books for entrepreneurs while they’re on promotion – remember they might only be free for one day, as there is a maximum of 5 days that can be made free every 90 days.

Books are the easiest way to access information, and there’s a link below to download free apps from Amazon, so you can read Kindle eBooks anywhere.

Social Media Strategy – 70 Social Media Strategies to Boost Your Business by Lancaster Collins

This book will teach you 70 proven social media strategies to follow. They’re divided into different categories, so you can select which platform you want to set up. You will learn how to build better customer relationships, and also increase your brand awareness.

This information will also improve your SEO standing on Google, making it essential reading.


Unplugged: Walking Away From a Job and Getting Everything You Want Out of Life by Scott Rewick

You will enjoy learning how the author unplugged himself from a job, and gave himself the freedom to become a serial entrepreneur. Scott Rewick has spent over 15 years building and selling Internet companies in Silicon Valley.

This book will show you how it’s possible to escape a life of stress, which takes its toll on your health, and make your start up a success.


Make Millions and Make Change! by Mike Mann

The author is a serial entrepreneur, who has founded many successful businesses and charitable organizations. He shares his simple formula so you can follow his guidance, and make money as you create positive change in your community.

Mike Mann gives you all the details you need to build solid business principles that will launch you ahead of your competitors.


As an entrepreneur you need motivation to help you keep focused on your goals, and my Kindle eBook “Motivational Quotes For Entrepreneurs: Inspire Your Way To Success” is a unique, interactive answer.


You can read Kindle eBooks everywhere with free Amazon downloads for PC, Mac, Tablet and Smartphone.