The intention of this site is to help you overcome the natural fear of failure. This is a very strong emotion, and it can act as a block to trying something new – but this is the test of a successful entrepreneur. You will find the answers to releasing fears and limiting beliefs, to clear the path to your goals.

When you accept that not every business decision will work out as you’d hoped – but you will survive, then you can take pressure off yourself. Failing is a good thing – because it allows you to be creative, and find alternative solutions – which will be better than your original idea.

Once you accept failure as part of your life as an entrepreneur, then you can let go of the need to be perfect, or to be right every time – both are impossible notions. There are no two people alike, or two businesses alike, so rigid systems will never be the answer to suit your unique, imaginative personality.

The majority of the most successful entrepreneurs have experienced failure . . . often many times over. Their only secret is to engage their creativity to invent ways round the problem, and allow their imagination to focus on the vision they really want . . . and this is how they succeed.

Richard Branson is one of the most famous entrepreneurs, and even though this site supports small beginnings, he’s a great example of including relaxation, fun, and supporting others, as part of his plans, so that he enjoys every day he works.

Richard has hundreds of companies worldwide, but he’s known the threat of failure when his bank told him on a Friday they wanted their loan returned the following Monday. This video interview shows how he never gave up:

I want to encourage you to pick up yourself up after each set back, by sharing others who’ve been through exactly the same as you – and how they came through the other side. This quote is really inspirational:

The very first company I started failed with a great bang. The second one failed a little bit less, but still failed. The third one, you know, proper failed, but it was kind of okay. I recovered quickly. Number four almost didn’t fail. It still didn’t really feel great, but it did okay. Number five was PayPal.
– Max Levchin

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