The Creativity of an Inventive Entrepreneur

This video introduces the inventor, Tom Lawton. He’s an extremely passionate inventor who doesn’t see failures, because they’re simply part of his experiments.

The excellent TV series, Tom’s Fantastic Floating Home, has been a fascinating insight into the creative mind of an inventor. Tom captures the enthusiasm of his young son’s imaginative ideas, and instead of dismissing them as ridiculous, he goes through the process of making them work.

I recommend you watch this, and learn more about being open minded, and allow an unusual thought the opportunity to develop. When you break out of predictable ways of doing things, you can end up with something very unique, and definitely very satisfying.

Tom is inspirational, and he shows that however wildly imaginative an idea might be, it always has to be practical, and function well for its purpose. This TV series takes you from the first spark through the hard work of experimenting, until a workable solution is reached.

Being an inventor isn’t easy, but with tenacity, and the determination to see a finished product, you will have as much enjoyment every day as Tom Lawton.

A ‘eureka!’ moment is a rarity. One way of finding an idea for an invention is to look at the problems, and the frustrations of what doesn’t work right, and use that to better it, and come up with a new idea.

– Tom Lawton


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