Failure Quotes For Entrepreneurs

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Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.
– Winston Churchill

No man ever achieved worthwhile success who did not, at one time or other, find himself with at least one foot hanging well over the brink of failure.
– Napoleon Hill

Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.
– Dale Carnegie

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If You Want To Be An Entrepreneur – Start With This List Of Tools

Steve Blank has collected an incredibly long list of resources for businesses. It’s a great starting point for any entrepreneur.

There is everything from looking for a co-founder to how to set up your website, with information in-between that you might never have thought of. Up to date links can’t be guaranteed with a list this long, but you’ll have an enjoyable time sparking off new ideas.

Read the (very) full list here:


European Exchange For Entrepreneurs

If you’re a new entrepreneur, or one with experience, this is an excellent chance to collaborate with someone who can complement, or expand, your skills. Not only can you learn from working closely with another entrepreneur, you could also set up future alliances for trading in Europe.

The period of time spent abroad is between one and six months, which can be split up to accommodate your circumstances. This is an exciting networking opportunity, which could expand over the long term into joint ventures, sub-contracting activities, or contractor-supplier relationships.

This video shows how 2 photographers benefited from each other. Because photography is a creative expression, they needed to learn new business skills in order to grow.

Take a look, and learn more here:

Photography exchange from catalin hladi on Vimeo.


UK Young Entrepreneur Competition

If you’re 35 or under before the end of July, you can enter the Thames Valley Young Entrepreneur of the Year Competition. Last year’s winner, Dale Barrett, co-owner of Bicester-based Insideout Developments Ltd, confirmed how much he benefited:

“It was a great experience, entering the competition and getting through to the finals. The whole process made me really focus on what I was doing, how the business was going and what I needed to do to be successful in the future. It’s well worth entering the HWYE competition because winners not only get a cash prize and free publicity for their business but also free advice on all aspects of running a successful enterprise.”


European Initiatives For Entrepreneurs

The European Commission has launched the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan to support new small companies, who create more than 4 million new jobs every year.

The Entrepreneurship Action Plan covers a number of key areas where action is needed to create an environment in which entrepreneurs can flourish and grow, such as:


  • Access to finance: In addition to strengthening its existing financial instruments, the Commission also proposes the creation of a European market for microfinance, as well as the simplification of tax structures. These moves would allow SMEs to raise funds via direct private investments like mini-bonds, crowd funding and angel investments.
  • Support during crucial phases of the business lifecycle: As about 50 % of companies fail in their first five years, Member States should devote greater resources to helping new businesses get through this critical period. Management training, R&D coaching and networking could all help new businesses survive.
  • New business opportunities in the digital age: SMEs grow two to three times faster when they embrace information and communications technology (ICT). Support for Web-based start-ups and ICT training can help both Web entrepreneurs and more traditional businesses.
  • Second chances for honest entrepreneurs after bankruptcy: By far, the majority (96 %) of bankruptcies are due to a string of late payments or other practical problems. Because ‘second starters’ are more successful, the Commission has proposed increasing support for a second start for honest failed entrepreneurs and shortening the maximum legal discharge time for them to three years.
  • Administrative simplification: The Commission will continue to vigorously pursue the reduction of regulatory burden.

    The Commission also intends to promote entrepreneurship in specific segments of the population:

  • Women’s entrepreneurial potential: The fact that women only account for 34.4 % of self-employed Europeans suggests that they need more encouragement and support to become entrepreneurs.
  • Senior citizens: Retired business people have precious know-how that should be transferred to future generations to make it easier for them to start companies.
  • Migrant populations: Often facing difficulties in the labour market, self-employment is a precious opportunity for migrants’ economic empowerment and social inclusion.
  • Business development support for unemployed: Unemployed Europeans should have access to training, business advice and mentorship.

    “To make it very clear: more entrepreneurs mean more jobs, more innovation and more competitiveness. Becoming an entrepreneur and making a vision come true takes a lot of personal risk and effort. Entrepreneurs are the heroes of our time. Entrepreneurship is also the most powerful driver of economic growth in economic history. Therefore, we want to make entrepreneurship an attractive and accessible prospect for European citizen. This is the key message of our action plan. If we can unleash Europe’s entrepreneurial potential, we can bring back growth to Europe.”

    Read how you can receive help and support with your new enterprise:


    Happy Mother’s Day! – Kindle eBook Entrepreneurs

    Kindle eBook for Mothers

    “The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.”
    – Honore de Balzac (1799 – 1850)

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    Linda learned the complex process of formatting images to publish on Amazon, and now she also helps other authors design their books from covers to the last page.


    Sharing Excess Fresh Food To Avoid Waste = Win-Win For Entrepreneur

    fresh farm vegetables
    Nick Papadopoulos helps businesses and communities come up with innovative ways to restructure themselves. Nick has the mind of a true entrepreneur: “I love to look at systems and see how to rewire them. I love to brainstorm new ideas.”

    While working as the general manager of Bloomfield Farms, a 50-acre vegetable farm owned by his wife’s parents, he saw how much broccoli had been returned unsold from the local market. He connected the food waste and struggling farmers on one side, and hungry consumers with a lack of access to healthy food on the other.

    In March, the CropMobster website selling discounted excess produce was created with the help of co-founders Gary and Joanna Cedar of Sebastopol, who develop social media sites.

    This shows that simple ideas are always the best, and when you come up with a great idea which helps others, then others appear to help you put it into action.

    Read more of how Nick Papadopoulos is developing this business nationally: